A light of hope for people suffering from intractable diseases

  We are a biopharmaceutical company from The University of Tokyo that specializes in the research and development of genetic medicines to treat rare neuromuscular diseases. We are aiming to provide patients worldwide with innovative drugs that enable fundamental treatment for these diseases.


To achieve true social reintegration for the bedridden and wheelchair-bounded patients
so that more active lifestyle can be taken and be enjoyed.

To enable more than only “life-sustaining treatment” offered by conventional medicines 
to expedite the development of safe and effective new drugs
and delivering them to the bedside of suffering patients as soon as possible.

To offer the recovery that the joy in life
and the meaning of life can be found through our medication.

These are our objectives we strive to achieve.

Mitochondrial diseases

  Genetic diseases that affect muscles and the nerve system

 More than 100,000 people are suffering from a type of mitochondrial diseases. In spite of that, in modern medicine to this date, no fundamental cure has been developed for this disease.

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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

More than 200,000 people are suffering from this disease

  Muscle cells are damaged more rapidly than usual as muscles contract and extend. Suffering patients ultimately lead to death from respiratory or cardiac failure caused by protracted damage of muscle cells.

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Developing new curative molecules

Our Technologies

  Mitochondrial diseases and muscular dystrophy are said to be rare intractable diseases. In fact, there are many kinds of intractable diseases which patients have been suffering from. 

  Our company, in order for the patients of intractable diseases to live normally just as anyone else, we have been continuing our research and development over 15 years.

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Let us bring the light of hope to those who are suffering from intractable diseases

Developing a new drug is a costly operation. Your generous support will be vital in our research and development efforts.

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